Pic of the week #3 – KNIT!

T said KNIT today!!! She picked up my knitting and said KNIT!!! Ahhh it is a glorious day!
The fact that she carries my project bag around, is constantly digging through my knitting basket, carries yarn around AND enjoys lying on it fills me with hope that there is a tiny knitter in the works!

*She’s lying on my new WIP, a clever design I’m testing  for Lily! Can’t wait to show you more.*

Pic of the week #2

There’s nothing quite like a good mail day!

 A lovely christmas gift knowing my student loans are paid off in FULL!!!
The yummy wooden buttons was just the icing on the cake!

ETA: The buttons are from etsy seller Beadic amazing wooden buttons!  It only took 4 days from the time they were shipped to being in my mailbox!  

DUCK! *Pic of the week #1*

I’ve been thinking how I’d like to capture a picture of something each week that I can look back on down the road. As T is getting old I seem to be forgetting to take pictures of  the little things I’d like to remember. So each week I’ll be taking a photo of something I’d like to remember, it may not always be interesting to you  but it’ll be added to the memory bank of this here blog to look back on.  

T had her 1 year needles today. 3 needles, one in each arm and one in her leg poor thing. She cried while getting them but once it was all said and done she resumed running around the room being her happy little self. The lady gave her, her first sticker which she has been carting about all day, She refers to it as “duck”, not sure if its the yellow nose thats making her think duck but duck it shall be.