Pattern: Manu by Kate Davies

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed

Needles: 4mm circs

My last FO of 2010 and I LOVE it!

I started this in March when the pattern first became available. I knit through the body fairly quickly and then procrastinated knitting the sleeves for oh 6 months or so. I think if I had realized the detail that this pattern entails and how fun it would have been to keep on knitting I never would have stopped.

This pattern is chocked full of amazing techniques that give your cardigan that polished look.

~Short rows without wraps for the yoke, these were so fun to knit, I was soo excited when I finished the resolve row it looked awesome.

~The pleats were also fun to knit keeping my interest while nearing the end. I chose to mirror the pleats on either side instead of knitting them all in the same direction.

~Pockets! These are such a cute addition. I chose to follow Rachel’s post on Seamless Pockets. This was a really easy technique and anything that avoids seaming is a win in my book. I’ll be using this technique again!

~Cast on’s and Cast off’s – These were all done with applied i-cord and really finish off the cardigan perfectly. The button bands were actually i-cord too.

As usual I had a hard time choosing buttons for this. All the pretty wooden ones I had recently bought were just too clunky for my pretty Manu. I went through my button stash and came across these black leather like ones. They were definitely the right size but I couldn’t decide if they were right for the cardi or not. Manu sat for days with these little buttons perched on top undecided. Every time I’d walk by I’d have another look but I just couldn’t make a decision.  My mama came to the rescue when I asked her what she thought and they were finally sewn on.

If you can’t already tell I loved knitting every part of this cardigan. I’m usually all about the finished piece but this cardigan was definitely all about the process and the new techniques that I learned. I’ll be choosing patterns that push me to learn and grow from now on.

It’s going to be an exciting sweater year in 2011!


Pattern: Penelope by DangerCrafts

 Yarn: Cascade 220 and Vanna’s Choice Solids

Needles: 5.5mm

Franchesca is the fraternal twin to Penelope that I knit for T last year.This one will be going to one of 3 young cousin’s on Moose’s side of the family, once I get two other gifts finished.   

 Again I held the yarn doubled in order to make a good sized huggable  monster.

 It’s not very often that I knit a pattern twice but these monsters are so cute that I just couldn’t help myself. I does help that the colour possibilities are endless and make each monster unique.

It only took two nights to complete all the pieces and then over a month to find time to  sew them up… such is life!   



I have another DangerCraft pattern at the ready but it will have to wait until after christmas. I still have a few WIP’s lingering in the basket.    

Elf Toes

GAHHHHH! I love that I just lost everything I wrote on this post when I tried to publish it! Ok this is going to be quick as little T will be waking up any time. 

Pattern: Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern (rav link)

Yarn: Louet Gems Fingering in Citrus

Needles: 2.25mm dpn`s

I’ve deemed these my elf toes because they turned out rather pointy. I wasn’t sure they were going to be very comfortable on but after a days wear I’m happy.  I love how snug they are on my foot, I’ll definitely be knitting my socks in the new year on 2.25mm’s. I seem to have gotten away from working wiith 2.25’s and using a larger size but Nancy’s pattern just remind me how perfect they are.

 I love a long leg on my socks and Nancy Bush’s patterns do not disappoint in that department. Every pattern I have knit of her’s has been the perfect length.   

 The only thing I would change about these, if I were to knit them again would be the purl stitch that runs down the back of the leg.  I don’t mind the stitch at all but if you don’t put them on EXACTLY they look wonky and it drives me nuts. I try to forget its there but that little purl stitch just keeps calling to me and reminding me its there.

So there you have it, another pair done and dusted! My sock drawer is finally starting to fill up with knit socks. I’d like for it to be all knit socks some day save my socks for the gym. Those thin dress socks just aren’t cutting it anymore!’ 

Duffle Coat Mitts

T was in need of some mitts to go with her duffle coat. I had searched high and low for a hat and mitt set that wasn’t PINK. Gosh you would not believe the number of hats out there for little girls that are all pink. I know you want them to look like a girl but COME ON girls do wear other colours!!  As you know I love T in red. Mum bought T the most gorgeous little duffle coat while home in Ireland at the end of summer.  We had both searched high and low for something that would go well with the bright red. The inside of the hood is navy with white dots so we thought maybe even a navy hat…. nothing.

I finally found a cute little creamy coloured knit hat that was adorned with bobbles but of course had no mittens. I bought it any way figuring I could make some mittens, add some bobbles and bobs your uncle. Unfortunately the bobbles didn’t work out, I knit the mittens double stranded so the wind wouldn’t blow through them which made the bobbles look very distorted.

Instead I thought I might try some embroidery. I found a design on embroiderables that I used as inspiration and winged it. I must say I don’t think I’ll be taking up embroidery any time soon. It took forever for me to perfect this design.  I am just way too picky I don’t know how many times I pulled out sections.

Eventually I was happy enough them and T now has toasty little fingers and is cute as a button in her duffle coat.


Pattern: Toddler Mittens on a String by Ruth Bendig

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Aran and Red

Needles: 3.5mm dpn’s

I customized these to fit T’s hands and decided on a thumbless version, double stranded for warmth with an I cord string.  


Perfect little holiday mitts!


As I mentioned before I test knit Oiyi`s beautiful pattern Kouyou.

Pattern: Kouyou by Angela Tong

Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool

Needles: 4.25mm circs

I used a liittle over 2 skeins of Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool to make the sport weight version of this shawl. I wasn`t sure if this yarn would provide the warmth needed to wear as a scarf but I was pleasantly surprised by how cosy it is. I`ve already worn it out several times, even on top of a sweater it makes a nice statement.

I love how quickly this knit up. The lace portion added just enough interest to keep me wanting to see one more leaf emerge. There are also instructions and pictures on how to block your shawl, this was such a great idea. I`ve seen one to many beautiful shawls ruined by bad blocking. Oiyi shows how to block and accentuate the natural curve on the garter portion. I just love how that section looks.

There would be plenty of time to whip up on of these for someone special this holiday!


Grellow Grellow oh how I love Grellow!

Pattern: Abstract Rhombus by RoseHiver

Yarn: Kroy sock grey/Sisu sock yellow

Needles: 2.75mm and 3mm dpn’s

Roll back a few months to summer. If you remember I test knit one sock for Rosehiver then a short way into sock number 2 I ran out of yarn. The yarn arrived quite some time ago and last week I picked up sock number 2 determined to finish the pair. Everything was going swimmingly until I ran out of yellow yarn this time before the toe. I opted to continue on in grey and live with the odd toes. I actually like the grey toe better than the yellow but there’s no going back now. They are what they are and will definitely keep my feet warm this winter.

Another WIP finished, what will be next?

Mitts for T

I am soooo incredibly behind in posting! Please excuse me while I try to catch up on all that we have been up to.

First off the jacket from the last post was the Moss Stitch Hoodie by Elinor Brown that I knit wayyyy back here before little T was even thought of.

A lot of people have been asking about Moose and Wipeout. Well he made it to the top 20, thank you sooo much for all your votes, he couldn’t have made it without you but sadly he didn’t make the top 10 that went to Toronto. Thats ok, there’s always next year!

Now down to the knitting!

It is becoming quite chilly out and poor T had no mittens that fit this year so I decided to whip her up this little pair to match the hat Frieda made her.

Pattern: Bold Band Mittens

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice – Brown and Patons Classic Wool in Old Gold

These are the same mittens I knit  her last year except I added the thumb. She still could have done without the thumb but there’s no turning back now.

Here she is sporting her Fall jacket, Hat by Frieda and new mitts.

Outside play is so much fun! T loves everything about the outdoors and takes in every little bit.

When I say ” awwww are you being cute?” I get this really sweet head tilted look. Yes T you ARE cute!

More updates to come!



A few weeks ago Moose’s brother got married. Moose and I were both in the wedding and of course T was there to watch the show.

It’s not very often you get to see us all dressed up, especially Moose, he hasn’t worn a suit since our wedding!

I knit T a little shrug to go with her dress for the day.

Pattern:Whirligig Shrug by Stephanie Japel

Yarn: Sirdar Baby Bamboo

Needles: 4mm circs

I picked up the yarn for this 6 days before the wedding…. cutting it close I know but it was a quick little knit and I still had 3 days to spare when it was done and dusted. I made the size 12-18mths with hopes that she will still be able to wear it this Fall over a t shirt or dress.


The little U shaped cables are the perfect little detail that make this shrug unique. Pair that with the bell shaped sleeves and you`ve got the perfect cardi for a special occasion. I love the versatility of this knit too, when put with jeans or a skirt it instantly becomes a more casual  look. Either way you put it this is a must knit for a little one.

After the recepetion I took T outside for some play time in the grass. This is were I got the majority of my pics as well as a few special ones that aren`t quite ready to be seen yet.


Playtime in the grass with a bowl full of cheerios…. all is right in the world!


did finish my Mojo’s before casting on for this month’s Mock.

*They are the same height, I just had one foot up higher than the other in this picture.*

Pattern : Mojo Socks by Donyale Grant

Yarn: Claudia’s Handpainted in Plumilicious

Needles: U.S. #2 DPN’s

It was crazy how fast the second sock flew off the needles after such an intense Cookie A pattern. All those rows of  knits and purls were just what I needed.

Talk about a hard pair of socks to photograph, if the light wasn’t distorting the colours then the pattern was getting lost in the colourway. These socks are a definite must see in person as the pictures just don’t do them justice.

 This pattern incorporated my first toe ups and my first after thought heel.  I love the fit of these socks! I always seem to have trouble making the toe long enough but not too long with top downs. I’ve been seen ripping back and reknitting a toe several times before getting the perfect fit. I didn’t have that problem with these and the fit throughout the foot is perrfect! Maybe toe ups are for me! I have several toe up patterns lined up so only time will tell.

I had a little help obtaining the pictures for this post from a little Garden Fairy…… ummm maybe a Garden Gnome… yes a very LOUD Garden Gnome! Her squeals can be heard echoing around The Ridge on a daily basis!










Lupin Socks

Pattern: Cookie A mystery socks from SKA group on Rav

Yarn: A piece of Vermont in the Jam colourway

Needles: U.S. 2 DPN`s

After so many comments about how well they matched my Lupin`s it would only be fitting to have the finished pics… with the Lupin`s of course :)

This was my first CookieA pattern and won`t be my last. Even though this was the most intricate sock pattern I`ve ever knit, I enjoyed the challenge and even learned to cable without a needle!

I`m sad A Piece of Vermont is no longer producing yarn. This colourway is AWESOME, I can only imagine what the rest would have been like. I might even have to a  little nosey on Rav and see if I can`t find any more in someone`s stash.

 Finishing these on time was a feat in itself, its amazing what one can do when you work on a sole project :) There are TONS of socks I`m itching to cast on but I`m going to make myself finish my second Mojobefore attempting anymore. Ohhh and there are sweaters to talk about too. So many patterns so little time!

What patterns are you drooling over?