New and Old

Pattern: Juniper Mitts by Jennifer Adams

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino

Needles: 4mm

Start Date: October 4th 2008

Finish Date: October 28th 2008

How my junipers didn’t get posted until now I’ll never know! The title should be old and older. These were knit with Patons Merino in Old Gold, I just love this colour and hope to make a beret out of it some day. These are definately my favourite fingerless mitts at the moment. I was kind of afraid that they were going to be a bit on the tight side because they seemed so small but they turned out to be the perfect fit, I love them so.

Those of you that have been reading CelticCastOn for some time will remember this post. That was the day I realized Anne Elliot Spencer just wasn’t going to be. It sat in the corner for a very long time until I realized I might just know the person it would fit perfectly. So I sent an email off to Ren who was up for the challenge of finishing Spencer and making it her own. After much procrastination Spencer made the trip down south to her new home. I’m VERY happy to say that Spencer is finally complete and looks absolutely wonderful on her new owner. Please have a peek at the finished Spence, I’m so glad to went to a loving home.

Birthday Shawl


Pattern: Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Lawerence

Yarn: Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool

Needles: U.S. 8 circs

Start Date: March 22nd 2008

Finish Date: May 11th 2008

I made this shawl for my mum, for her birthday on the 17th of May. I knew I wanted to make her a shawl, my very first lace project and shawl project and had had the exact pattern and yarn in my stash for a while waiting patiently to be knit. Laura gifted me with the pattern when I went to visit her in Kansas last year and the yarn I bought online months ago with mum in mind as she loves brown. I only really worked on this shawl for 4 days out of the almost two months it took to complete. My biggest mistake was putting it down after the second day and starting another knit. NEVER AGAIN will I do that…. with lace I mean, i’m not getting too carried away. It just wasn’t the same the next time I picked it up, I couldn’t seem to get a flow again like I had originally. Alot of tinking occured, some mistakes, tinking, frustration and finally I decided I’d done pretty dang good on my first lace project and cut it short. I wanted to make it twice the size but ended up only added 2 extra repeats, to save my sanity.




Now that the shawl is done two knits have been occupying my time. The first is Clapotis from Knitty.  I’m sure i’m the only knitter left that hasn’t knit this and never really had the desire to until a few weeks ago. I wanted a simple wrap type garment to mostly just cover my arms up when i’m sitting for periods of time during the summer, I get cold fairly easily and Clapotis seemed like the perfect antidote. I’m using Fearless Fibers Mermaid that I won in one of Kelli’s contest’s oh a year or so ago. This picture doesn’t represent the true colours very well, its much brighter in daylight, more pictures to come.


The second knit was actually the culprit that drew me away from mum’s shawl in the first place. Its Anne Elliot Spencer by CanarySanctuary, a popular queued item by many folks of ravelry but not many knit up. I have one more front panel to knit and it will be complete. Can’t wait to wear it!