Daphne and Delilah

Thank you to all that entered The Scrumptious Collection giveaway!

The random number generator chose #11 Monica of Sweet Purls.

A couple of weeks ago T found this Rebecca Danger pattern I was working on. I kind of forgot about it for some reason or another but all that was left to do was stuff the baby monster, add eyes and seam the bottom. That seemed like a pretty easy task so at T’s prompting I finished him off and it has been a monster party ever since.

She chose to have no mouth’s on Daphne and Delilah because she was going to make them talk. She also had a photo shoot already thought out for them. *Can I just say I looove that she is thinking like this already ūüėČ *

First she held each one up, ducking out of the shot, so cute!

Then they needed to have a picture taken with their suitcase…

and of course there had to be one of the whole monster family!

I’m so glad she asked me to finish this set off because clearly they are getting much love right now and I can check another WIP off the list.

Knit East 2013

This past weekend I attended a maritime knitting convention called Knit East held at The Algonquin.

This is the second time the event has happened and the second time I have attended.

This year had a fantastic line up of teachers:

Bristol Ivy, Susan B Anderson, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Ann Budd, Deb Barnhill and Stephanie Pearl McPhee.

There were so many choices for classes that I had a really hard time choosing and trying to fit everything I wanted into a two day schedule. In the end I took..

Left to right : Design a toy workshop with Susan B Anderson

                Inventive Colour with Mary Jane Mucklestone

Design a Shawl with Bristol Ivy

I thoroughly enjoyed every class, learning lots of new tips and tricks along the way.

Mary Jane brought MILES and MILES of swatches, I think I spent more time oogling those and her samples than anything else. It’s no wonder I left her class feeling inspired and all fired up to knit fair isle.

Susan brought a truck show of toys that were so much fun to look at as well. I think there will be some more toys in my future too.

All 3 of these ladies were so lovely, down to earth and some much fun to learn from.

We had stunning weather for the end of September. It stayed in the 20’s all the entire time.

 We ate Al Fresco all weekend,

We met new friends,

and ate delicious Spinach Feta Dip.

Heidi and I found this little gem on the second day and ended up eating there several times before heading home.

Of course it wouldn’t be Knit East without a…… Shawl Swap!!

Sarah and I organized another Knit East swap.

We had 48 people sign up for this years swap which was amazing.

So many beautiful shawls!

It was a wonderful weekend that was over all too soon.

Very much looking forward to Knit East 2015.

Lady Lou Lou

She’s complete!!!

Holy cow I thought she was going to languish in a bag forever as body parts but after finishing my Rainbow Brite Socks I just got stuck in and finished her.

Pattern: Louie the LoveBot by DangerCrafts

Yarn: Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Full O’ Sheep in Passionfruit and Aquamarine

She doesn’t look too bad but I’m still not super happy with her. I don’t think she is comparable to Franchesca so I’m going to make another Penelope for the cousin I was knitting Lou Lou for.

I loathed working with this yarn and I think this is ultimately where my love/hate relationship with Lou Lou came from. While sewing her up the yarn broke on more than one occasion just as I was about to finish sewing on a limb, talk about annoying. I’ve received many questions about this yarn wanting to know what I thought of it and because I still have quite a bit of each colour left, enough to make another Lou Lou in MC blue or MC pink, and clearly I won’t be using it again, I thought I’d give it a good home where it would be used. If you’re interested in knitting ¬†a Lou Lou in these colours or want to try out the yarn leave a comment here and its yours. If more than one person is interested T will draw a name from a hat.

Are you wondering what happened to Lou Lou???

She found someone that was smitten with her, calls her by name and loves helping her to clap her hands and dance. It was just mean’t to be!

Monster Mash

Yes my friends it’s yet another monster!

This pattern is for Louie The LoveBot which is another Rebecca Danger pattern and is available through Knit Picks independent designers program for $1.99!!! Now thats a deal!

I’m using Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller’s Full o’ Sheep in Passionfruit and Aquamarine both from the stash.

Although I love the colours , knitting ¬†the yarn held doubled with this yarn was a bad idea. It doesn’t flow off the needles like Cascade 220 does and its turning out to be very hard on my hands. I’m glad to be using up this stash yarn but ¬†I guess I’ll stick to the Cascade for my doubling needs from now on.

Sock mystery

My TTL mystery socks are well under way.

With clue one complete I’m excited for what clue two will bring. If they are anything like last years socks they will be amazing! There`s still plenty of time to join in, you can find the first clue here¬†at ¬†Kirsten`s.¬†blog.

Monika gave me the heads up that Michaels had Patons Classic Wool in again. After discontinuing the older version Patons Classic Merino Wool they replaced it with the now Patons Classic Wool. It’s the only place around here to get it so i’m glad its back in stock with new colours.¬† While browsing the new selection I came across the cutest pattern booklet.

Paton’s has a new sock monkey booklet out that is so cute¬†I just couldn’t leave it behind. There are knit as well as crochet monkey’s, colourful striped monkey’s and even some clothes and accessories for them. I picked up two colours to make the basic monkey, add that to the red skein I already have and I’m ready to get knitting.

There may be a sock monkey family in Tadpole’s future.


Pattern: Elijah by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Stone

Needles: 3.25mm’s

Start Date: May 30th 2009

Finish Date: September 13th 2009

I started Elijah during my fourth month of pregnancy when the knitting mojo was barely in existence. I completed the head and then lost all mojo and patience for a good couple of months. I picked him up again in August determined to get some WIP’s finished up before Tadpole decides to arrive.

Technically this is my first knit toy as I started it long before Tad’s Monsta. I just love Ysolda’s pattern’s they are so clear and easy to follow, Elijah was no exception. This little guy is made by first knitting and stuffing the head, then you proceed to pick up stitches in different area’s and knitting the different body parts. Everything is stuffed as you go and ends are simply pushed inside Elijah so there’s no seaming, how great is that???

¬†This being my first knit toy and also the first using one of Ysolda’s toy patterns I was a little uncertain of how the stuffing and knitting as you go worked. I ended up overstuffing the head so he doesn’t look exactly like Elijah should¬†but I don’t think Tadpole will mind. He’s still looks like an Elephant and Moose says “He’s our Elijah, there’s nothing wrong with him!” He’s quite excited about this little guy and predicts I’ll be making several Elijah’s over the years as replacements….

He’s the perfect size for a baby too so I’m sure he’ll be getting some love from the get go.



Pattern: Penelope by Danger Crafts

Yarn: Cascade 220 wool and Patons Classic Merino

Needles: 5.5mm circs

Start Date: May 22nd 2009

Finish Date: August 26th 2009

As soon as I saw Grace’s version of Penelope I knew I had to knit one for Tadpole.¬† I could just picture Penelope being trailed from one place to the next in a little chubby hand, chewed on, hugged, and loved for a very long time.

I cast on right away but this monster just wanted to be difficult. I ran out of the contrast yarn not long into the pattern and couldn’t find any more Classic Merino in the mustard ANYWHERE. I was rather disappointed¬†and wasn’t really excited about having to knit everything all over again and try to choose a different colour. Once I’ve set my sights on a colour combo is hard to steer me away from it so Penelope languished¬† in my knitting basket for quite some time hoping for some mustard yarn to magically appear.

It wasn’t until we went to the States on our little over nighter that I happened upon an abundance of Classic Merino in none other than MUSTARD!! I squealed with delight in the store and grabbed the ball I needed, I’m regretting not taking a ball or two more but what can you do.

Penelope was back in action once again….. until I ran out of my main yarn…. DOH! I had used¬†the leftovers from my 2830 sweater and thought I’d have more than enough but I knit her double stranded so you wouldn’t be able to see the stuffing and ended up running out. Heidicame to the rescue this time and gave me a skein of the same yarn from her bag knitting stash, what a sweetie! I hope she’ll have enough with what I had leftover ¬†to knit one of her designs with.

FINALLY Penelope came together nicely in spite of all the yarn issues I had.

I was a little scared, this being my first knit toy, that when it came time to stuff and sew together it just wouldn’t look right. Would the seams be too visible, could I get the ears to sit right, would it look lumpy??? Luckily my perfectionst ways shone through and I was able to figure out what worked best for me and looked right on Penelope.

I ordered a sampler pack of¬†safety eyes from Etsy seller 6060 and used the second largest size which I think are perfect. I bought felt from the local craft store and used Aleene’s stretchible glue to attach it. I will probably look for a thicker felt next time as this one’s a bit too see through for my liking.

I’m very pleased with the end result, you can definitely expect more knitted toys around these parts.

I just hope Tadpole loves this little monster as much as I do!!